Teeth – a gut feeling.

Which denturist would you like? Because the choice is entirely yours! Of course, you should trust your dentist. But even more, you should trust your gut feeling. And maybe even some of the following examples.


Incisor veneers

Caroline is ashamed of her smile. This might not be a medical problem, but it sure is a psychological one! Via Denta improves the shape of the teeth, and thus, her overall happiness!

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Penalty kick misses the goal – but not Josh’s face. Tooth gone! Via Denta crafts a new one, repairs the smile, the friendship, and all is forgotten.

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Shape of the teeth

Pain and migraine? It might sound odd but the root of the problem was not her head, but her jaw. After Kristen got the whole 9 yards – correction of alignment, physiotherapy, new dentals – she is finally done with this headache!

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In a few words …

what we do. What we don’t. Quick and simple.


Why Via Denta?

Because we believe that perfection has no alternative.

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