Caroline is ashamed of her smile. This might not be a medical problem, but it sure is a psychological one! Via Denta improves the shape of the teeth, and thus, her overall happiness!

Step 1

wants and needs

Caroline is unhappy with her teeth. Whenever she laughs, she hides behind her hands. One day, when browsing the web, she learns that dentals are not exclusively for medical necessity, but can also be applied for aesthetics. In a first meet with Via Denta, she discovers her options.


Step 2

consulting, education, demo.

No one wants to decide a permanent solution “right away”. So to try out her new smile, Caroline can take a mock-up home – not only to get a feel but also to show friends and family. It’s almost like taking a friend with you when you try on new glasses.

Step 3


Caroline loves it and only has minor changes in mind. Not a problem! Since her original teeth are unaffected, not ground or treated, she is completely in control about every adjustment – without ever having to make a decision she can’t take back.


Step 4


Caroline is happy! The veneers are sent to her dentist for the professional and final appliance on her teeth and now she never has to cover up her laugh again.


incisor veneers

If she could, Caroline would grin in a circle. No more shame, no more self-conscious hiding of her smile. And since beauty is not only in the eye of the beholder, but also in a person’s attitude, we’re so happy that Caroline finally FEELS beautiful.

how about Josh?

Caroline is just one of the examples. Find out about Josh.

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