In a perfect world …

Every cooperation is different. Special in its own way. Because, in the end, it doesn’t matter wether you’re a dentist or a technician: Behind every job is a person.

A person who just wants things to work. Who doesn’t need the headache of unnecessary steps. Precisely for this reason, Via Denta brief agreements, well-defined tasks and modern ways of working together. Simply put: Less stress for better results. In a perfect world? It would look like this:

Step 1

the case

Have you ever tried to explain the shape of a tooth via the phone? It just ain’t that simple. To make things easier, however, Via Denta works with cutting edge technology and software that allows dentists e.g. to upload photos, have a digitally assisted and visually supported discussion, and, thus, save time, prevent misunderstandings, and frustration.


Step 2

the talk

Since Via Denta now has all the necessary data and details, our first encounter can be quick, brief and well-informed: We suggest a solution, provide an estimate (quote), and – when the client agrees – schedule an appointment.

Step 3

the essentials

Providing scans or a lab assignment also don’t have to be laborious anymore: Simply transfer both digitally and save even more steps – both in planning and to the post office.

However, should dentists absolutely insist, we still also accept the essentials via mail or currier.


Step 4

the cherry

Simply dropping off dentures is not our style. We prefer to deliver every single piece with the proverbial cherry on top: A “key“, or guide, to help dentists find the perfect fit, first try.

Why? Because no one ever complained that things work too simple to use. And because we just like excellent service.

5 days. That’s a promise.

Reliability is imperative – both for dentists and technicians. So when we say “5 day turn-around – from the moment we receive the assignment and material to your letterbox“ you can take our word for it.

Just like that – and completely different.

Every cooperation is different. Special in its own way. So, for things to just “work”, Via Denta is adaptable, pro-active and understanding. Knowing that solid communication and smart planning means less work and better results for everyone involved.

Just like that – and completely different.

Sounds like a way of working you’d prefer, too? Sounds like we should talk.

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Why Via Denta?

Because we believe that perfection
has no alternative.

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