Made to perfection. With people in mind.

Via Denta creates highly customised dentures so uncompromisingly detailed, you’d thing they’re the real thing.

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You need dentals and don’t even know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ll show you – with these real life examples of entire procedures.


Why Via Denta?

There’s more than one way to skin a cat – they say. But only one is the best! Learn more about the „craft without compromise“.


All good things come in threes.

What we do – and what we don’t – can be explained in 3 quick topics. Find out what Via Denta can do for you.


Ever-lasting happiness

They say “eyes are the window to the soul“. We beg to differ: It’s the teeth! People who are proud of theirs smile more and radiate happiness. So in a way, Via Denta creates ever-lasting happiness.

But it takes two to tango! Sure, we create flawless perfection. But it takes a master of a dentist to fit what we create. Where you would find dentists like these? On our LinkedIn page – along with the latest in dental innovations, and our expert opinion about everything dental.