Penalty kick misses the goal – but not Josh’s face. Tooth gone! Via Denta crafts a new one, repairs the smile, the friendship, and all is forgotten.

Step 1

identifying the issue

His dentist confirms Josh’s worry: The tooth broke off in a way that it has to be replaced by an implant. Luckily, this procedure is much quicker with Via Denta: The dentist can send all necessary data and measurements to the lab and Josh can get this thing behind him in no time.


Step 2

precision from the get go

Via Denta creates a perfect replica of Josh’s original tooth. But more importantly, goes the extra mile to ensure it will stand straight as a die and solid as a rock. An implant so perfect, no one would ever think it is one.

Step 3

check up

After 3 to 6 months, Josh returns to the dentist for a follow-up. If everything is fine now, he is done with it! Does Josh know how lucky he is? Since the extra mile in step 2 prevented the necessity of continuous re-opening and checking of the wound? Well, it’s probably best he doesn’t know this is usually procedure – and a pain in the neck!



front tooth implant

Josh’s tooth is replaced! With as little pain and worry as possible. And with a result that looks so real, no one would ever accuse Josh of having implants.

… and Kristen?

Aside from Josh’s broken off tooth, there are more examples to check out.

Kristen’s case

common cases

These are the most common cases clients contact Via Denta for.

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