Pain and migraine? It might sound odd but the root of the problem was not her head, but her jaw. After Kristen got the whole 9 yards – correction of alignment, physiotherapy, new dentals – she is finally done with this headache!

Step 1

identifying the issue

Constant headaches. But why? Kristen drinks plenty of water, has a an active lifestyle and eats healthy. She’s desperate for answers.
A routine visit at the dentist, she is presented with an idea: Could this maybe be a jaw misalignment? Caused by malpositioned teeth?


Step 2


With this new lead, Kristen decides to visit a physiotherapist, which confirms her dentist’s suspicion: When she closes her mouth, the teeth push her jaw out of alignment. To her surprise, she learns that this can be the cause for headaches, bad posture and a whole lot of other issues in her body.

Step 3

analysis and therapy

Kristen was measured, scanned and received a therapy plan. For that, she didn’t even have to visit Via Denta, since data and material can be transferred digitally now, saving her time and a whole lot of running around.


Step 4

production and provision

Digital becomes physical: With the received data, Via Denta can produce the necessary parts and dentals to correct Kristen’s alignment issue. And while she waits, she even can take home a “provisional“ – to “test drive”.

Step 5


Final fitting. Looks good? Feels good? Is Kristen completely satisfied with the result? Thumbs up from the dentist? If all boxes are ticked, it can be fixed in place and last a lifetime.



correcting alignment

No more pain. And more importantly: No more worrying what the heck is wrong! An alignment not only for the jaw, but also for the mind.

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